Can I add a worker to my company’s payroll?

Yes, you can add a foreign remote worker to your payroll. If you don’t have entities in the country you are hiring from, there are companies that can handle the payroll and tax aspects for you. They can take care of compliance, employee benefits, taxes and the payroll of your […]

Can I hire the workers as subcontractors?

Yes, you can hire workers as subcontractors on your own. If you have a LLC or S Corp, then you’ll need to consider the 1120S form. Your worker will be required to complete the W-8BEN form that shows you are paying an overseas worker. Your worker will also be required […]

What taxes do I have to pay?

None! Okay, that might be a little overly simplified. Let’s go into a little more detail… You can hire a remote worker as an overseas employee. They work as a subcontractor, so in the US for example there’s no need for you to send the usual 1099 form. There are […]