Is my type of profession available on RemoteCo?

We have workers offering their skills in practically any profession that can be successfully performed online, with the most common being: Graphic Designers Virtual Assistants Web Designers Web Developers Content Writers WordPress Developers Social Media Managers Marketing Experts SEO Specialists If you have skills in a particular profession like web […]

How do I find a job on RemoteCo?

To get started, simply sign up and set up your free Workers profile. Your profile should be tailored to your specific skills and showcase your unique talents. And once you’ve followed the steps to tailor your profile to showcase your specific skills and unique talents you have, you’re able to […]

How do I pay my remote workers?

Ultimately, that’s between you and your remote workers to decide. You don’t pay your remote workers through our site. Instead, workers list their preferred payment method(s) on their profile for you to see how they would like to be paid. PayPal, Neteller, Payoneer, Skrill, Wire Transfers, Zelle, are some common payment […]

Should I hire a remote worker full or part-time?

Full-time is the way to go! Ideally you’d be able to hire someone full-time to get the additional loyalty and focus benefits that come from having a remote worker dedicated to your business for 40+ hours a week, Monday through Friday (or whatever days/hours the two of you agree on). […]

Why aren’t there reviews for remote workers?

If you’ve searched for worker reviews and haven’t found any, it’s because we don’t have them. Unlike other freelance sites, we don’t have a feedback system in place. Why you ask? Because we believe reviews encourage short-term work, and we want to help entrepreneurs and companies like you establish long-term […]

Are the remote workers on your site fluent in English?

As with just about any non-English speaking country, you’ll encounter people from Latin American who speak English incredibly well and some that don’t. But, a great thing is that Latin Americans learn English from a young age, and to help you find the best remote worker for you, we provide […]