Are the workers on your site RemoteCo employees?

Nope! Every worker you find and hire on our site is an independent contractor. They create an account with us then test their skills and apply to your jobs, just as you create an account, search for workers or post your job to have workers come to you. Anything beyond […]

How skilled are the remote workers on your site?

Though we can’t guarantee you’ll find the right candidate, we’re confident that you’ll likely find one from the thousands of workers on our site, talented in a huge range of skills, perfect for remote work. We hand vet every worker account before it goes live and work to eliminate fake […]

Where do the remote workers on your site live and work?

All the remote workers you’ll find on our website live and work in Latin America. Why? For a number of reasons: Because in Latin America you’ll find talented and skilled professionals that work at affordable salaries. Most Latin Americans live and work during EST/CST time, which means they work during […]

How is RemoteCo different from freelance websites?

On other freelancing websites, you’ll typically hire professionals on a short term or per-project basis. Our site is different because we focus on connecting employers like you with remote workers you’ll hire on a full or part-time basis; instead of splitting their time and attention between you and a bunch […]

What kind of professionals can I find on your site?

As you will soon discover, Latin Americans are extremely talented at what they do. They possess a huge range of skills in various fields and can do almost any job that can be successfully outsourced online. A few examples of the kinds of professionals you’ll find on our site include: Virtual Assistants Graphic Designers Web […]

What is RemoteCo?

We’re a place that connects entrepreneurs and companies like you with full & part-time remote workers from Latin America. The remote workers that sign up on our site work just like employees– meaning they work 20 or 40 hours a week, exclusively for you and your business. The major difference? They’ll work […]