Does it take long to find an employer?

We’d love to say this process is fast, but we can’t. The amount of time it takes varies and depends on how much effort you put into your profile and searching for/applying to jobs employers post. The more detailed your profile and the more you apply to jobs, the faster […]

How can I find an employer?

The first step in finding an employer through us is to sign up for a free remote worker account. Next, you’ll be taken through a series of steps to complete your profile – listing and rating all your skills, describing any certificates and experience you have, writing a short bio, […]

What kind of work can I do through your site?

The work you’ll do for the companies you connect with through our site will be primarily based on your existing skills and talents – our employers need help with all sorts of tasks! Typical jobs range from writing blog posts to programming websites, providing customer support, answering emails, or designing […]

I didn’t get paid, what do I do?

Since we don’t process payments through our site, we also don’t get involved in payment disputes between workers and companies. While there is not much we can do if you haven’t gotten paid already, to avoid this problem in the future, we recommend asking for weekly payments when getting started. […]

Will I really be able to work from home?

Yes! The jobs posted on our site are all for “remote worker” positions – meaning you work from home while your employer works somewhere else in the world. Note: this does mean you need a reliable Internet connection, and if you’d like to work somewhere other than your home you’re […]

Do I have to take the English test?

You do not! However, taking any of our skills tests, the English test in particular, will dramatically increase your chances of finding a job through us. Our exams are a great way to validate your skills and prove to yourself you know what you’re doing. Plus, they help you win […]

Do I need to speak English to get a job through your site?

The majority of companies looking to hire through our site are from English-speaking countries like the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. While some may speak Spanish, most of your communication with your employers will likely be done in English. For some jobs, it may be okay if your English […]

When and how often will I get paid?

This depends on what you and your employer agree on. Many businesses in the U.S. and LATAM pay their employees every two weeks, though some pay once per month – so be sure to ask your employer about their payment schedule when you’re getting started with them. In the beginning, […]

How do I receive payment for my work?

Unlike other remote work websites, we give you and your employer complete freedom in choosing which payment options work best for both of you. Some of the most popular traditional payment methods our workers choose include PayPal, Neteller, Payoneer, Skrill, Wire Transfers, Zelle. During the registration process, you’ll be able […]