What’s the difference between a full-time or part-time “Remote Worker” and a “Freelancer”?

We’ve found many people think a “permanent remote worker” and a “freelancer” mean the same thing, and maybe they do for some. Hiring a permanent remote worker is similar to hiring an in-house employee. You can choose between hiring them part-time or full-time.

Whereas when hiring freelancers, you are typical hiring them for a particular project or a short-term task.

However, we intentionally use the term “permanent remote worker” to highlight a couple of key differences in how our professionals operate compared to freelancers.

These differences include:

  • Our network of remote workers are available to be hired on a full or part-time like in-house employees, rather than per project or short term task like most freelancers.
  • Our network of remote workers work exclusively for your business if they work full time, and perhaps one other business if part-time, while freelancers often work with multiple clients simultaneously which splits their focus and limits their availability.

Freelancers may have the skills you are looking for and will help you get a job done, but they won’t always be available for you when you need them. They might have other clients work as priorities over yours.

Whereas when you are hiring remote workers on a monthly basis you have them for a fixed amount of hours each week and during that time their full focus, priority and attention is given to you and the tasks that you give them.

Think of our remote workers in the true sense of the definition: full-time or part-time employees who simply work remotely from their home instead of working at your office.

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