I’d like to hire a remote worker, how does that process work?

Our hiring process works in two ways:

  1. You can browse remote worker profiles and contact the ones you feel are qualified for the position you’re looking to fill, then interview one by one like you would an in-office employee.
  2. You can post a job and have qualified remote workers apply for the position. You’ll then be able to contact any and all workers that apply to verify their qualifications and ask any questions you have.

Once you find the right candidate for your job and business, we let you handle the rest on your terms as you see fit, including:

  • Negotiating contract terms.
  • Discussing requirements and expectations.
  • Proposing a monthly salary.
  • Deciding when and how to make payments.
  • Training and Managing your new remote worker.

Basically, we’re here to help you find qualified full or part-time remote workers, as well as support you with helpful tips and advice on how to effectively find, train, and manage remote workers to establish a productive working relationship with them.

We let you handle the rest of the remote work process in the way the best fits you and your business!

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