I didn’t get paid, what do I do?

Since we don’t process payments through our site, we also don’t get involved in payment disputes between workers and companies.

While there is not much we can do if you haven’t gotten paid already, to avoid this problem in the future, we recommend asking for weekly payments when getting started. This way, if a job doesn’t work out, you’re not out a month’s worth of time and effort if you don’t get paid.

And on the employer side, it prevents them from having to pay a month’s salary upfront (which is another way remote workers protect themselves from this issue), only to have the remote worker disappear on them or deliver unsatisfactory results.

Once the two of you have established a mutual trust, feel free to discuss bi-weekly or monthly payments if that works better for you!

Though, as we mentioned above, we don’t get directly involved in payment disputes, you can still report issues like this to us.

If an employer receives too many complaints and is found to be abusing our system, we’ll be sure to ban them to protect you and your fellow remote workers.

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