How do I pay my remote workers?

Ultimately, that’s between you and your remote workers to decide. You don’t pay your remote workers through our site. Instead, workers list their preferred payment method(s) on their profile for you to see how they would like to be paid.

PayPal, Neteller, Payoneer, Skrill, Wire Transfers, Zelle, are some common payment methods but some workers also prefer taking cryptocurrency payments using platforms like LocalBitcoins (we have written a couple of articles on how Latin America workers can benefit from using cryptocurrencies, read them here).

We have also partnered with companies like Deel and ShieldGeo that can help you with your remote workers payroll.

For any given worker, if you don’t see a preferred payment listed or you don’t want to use any of their preferred options, you can always ask if they are willing to accept other methods. Once you’ve decided on which payment method you’ll use, you’ll also want to discuss payment frequency.

We recommend starting by paying every week (splitting their monthly salary into 4 payments), which protects you from paying a lot upfront if a worker doesn’t meet your needs and protects workers from putting in time and effort without getting paid.

Once the two of you have established a mutual trust, feel free to discuss bi-weekly or monthly payments with your worker if that works better for you.

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