Do I need to speak English to get a job through your site?

The majority of companies looking to hire through our site are from English-speaking countries like the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. While some may speak Spanish, most of your communication with your employers will likely be done in English.

For some jobs, it may be okay if your English isn’t very strong, for others this may be an issue.

In addition to improving your ability to communicate with your employer, being able to speak and write English well also gives you a better chance to get paid more as many employers are willing to pay higher salaries for English speakers.

But if you don’t speak English very well, please feel free to join our site and apply for jobs anyway! In addition to our growing list of Spanish-speaking employers in the U.S., we’re also adding more employers from Spain and other Latin American countries every day – so there are plenty of job opportunities where Spanish is the primary language you’ll use to communicate!

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