Are the remote workers on your site fluent in English?

As with just about any non-English speaking country, you’ll encounter people from Latin American who speak English incredibly well and some that don’t.

But, a great thing is that Latin Americans learn English from a young age, and to help you find the best remote worker for you, we provide a few English tests for workers to take when they sign up so you can easily check their English proficiency.

These tests are designed to quickly and effectively measure English fluency from beginner to advanced levels, consist of 25-50 multiple choice questions, and to prevent cheating, if a worker fails a test they can’t retake for the next 30 days.

We also recommend you confirm workers’ English fluency as you begin to converse – how they write in emails and speak during Skype/Zoom interviews will give you the best understanding of how well they communicate in English.

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